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Once a kitten has been reserved, you will receive updates and a new photo every other week until the kitten leaves. Many people really enjoy seeing their new baby kitten grow up. It is something to make the time go faster and to look forward to each week. We will schedule a pickup time within a month of the leaving time.

Photos begin once the kittens' eyes have opened not before 12-14 days old. Color is determined when the kitten is 2 weeks old, light colors may take 3 weeks. Gender is determined within a few days.

Suggestions are emailed right away to help with getting ready for your new companion. This will make the arrival of your new ragdoll a very easy experience.

Consultation is available well past your pickup time, with the purchase of one of my kittens. I enjoy receiving daily emails, letters and photos of past kittens from our cattery. There is a book on display for all to look through, full of wonderful notes and photos of all the past Beyond the Valleyragdoll kittens.

To date there has never been a kitten or cat returned. There are many repeat purchases and referrals which is why our kittens and cats are always in demand. We are doing something really GREAT! Raising gentle loving ragdoll companions for young children, retired adults, older pets, cat lovers, veterans, physically disabled, a first time pet, and many more who are in need of our ragdolls' love. Our ragdolls are cheerful and fun for everyone! Beyond the Valley ragdoll kittens and cats will enhance and brighten your life. Don’t hesitate, send an email, I will personally respond to you quickly. This will be the best thing you ever did!



This is a Closed Cattery: This is a closed to the public, private cat residence. This is not a shelter, rescue or pet store. Our priority is to the care and welfare of raising our ragdoll cats and kittens.

Visits can only be considered for an already reserved kitten. Priority is only given for a very special reason. Please email me for reasons that are acceptable. This is to maintain the highest health and behavior standards for our cats and kittens. The kitten must be over 9 weeks old to even be considered. Every kitten is individually evaluated prior to a visit and it still may not be advised. Since our kittens leave at 12 weeks old, any stress before ready time can cause a set back in the kittens' ready date. Visits are by appointment and must be scheduled atleast 3 weeks in advance. Visits are only on Saturdays which is also our kitten pick up day. Priority is given to kittens that are scheduled to leave. During busy seasons, visits are not possible. Photo & video cameras are not allowed.

Beyond the Valleyragdolls is not scheduling any visits at the present time. We are now in the busiest most scheduled time of the year for our ragdoll kittens leaving here, and expected kitten births. We only can plan visits during the slowest seasons. This information is updated every month, please email for current status.

The photos above are of Beyond the Valleyragdolls as you approach us. We are located 45 minutes east of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and 45 minutes west of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Directions will be sent with confirmation of your visit time, a week before a kitten pickup.

Sue Gerstenzang

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