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See More GalsThese are photos of our adult breeding females.

Valleyragdolls Cherry Blossom
Chocolate point mitted

Valleyragdolls Moko Pepper
Seal tortie point

Valleyragdolls Goody
Chocolate tortie mitted

Valleyragdolls Sunset Sarsaparilla "Sassi"
Chocolate mink bicolor

Valleyragdolls Zelda Lullabye (Zelda)
Chocolate colorpoint

Valleyragdolls Ginger Honeydew
Chocolate lynx colorpoint

Valleyragdolls Yoo-Hoo
Seal colorpoint

Valleyragdolls Divinity Delight (Dee Dee)
Blue mitted lynx

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Sue Gerstenzang

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